Last Flight Home

Posted August 18, 2011 By wayne

A somber story from Carl Boler.

Last Flight Home



My name is Lee Stump.  I am a BMW K1200LT owner since 2000, a member of BMW-MOA, and I serve as President of the Zembo Shrine Motorcycle Touring Unit in Harrisburg, PA.  I am serving as chairperson for a charity fund raising event titled “Ride for a Noble Cause”.  All proceeds are being donated to support the “Shriners Hospital for Children” in Philadelphia and the Zembo Transportation Unit that transports children from central PA to Philadelphia for medical treatments at the Shriniers Hospital for Children.  This event includes an 82 mile ride, lunch, and entertainment for participants.  I am the ONLY BMW motorcycle rider in our Zembo Shrine Motorcycle Unit.  I would like to personally invite all of the members of the MAC-PAC to consider joining us on Sunday, August 14 for our charity ride.  All riders/passengers, motorcycle makes and models are welcome to join us so please register and invite a thousand or so of your closest friends!  Registration fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.


I am providing an attachment describing our event and providing our official registration form.  I will be glad to answer any questions about our event.  You are welcome to contact me using either email or call me at 717-439-4561.


I would enjoy seeing a bunch of BMWs on Sunday, August 14!

Please consider riding with us for a “Noble Cause”!



Lee Stump


A link to the registration form:



History was made at the Riders’ Dinner last night as Bruce McKelvy, a.k.a “Mac of Pac” conducted voting for the first annual “Most Abused Equipment” award.  The award is represented by Bruce’s recently failed rear shock, professionally mounted on an inscribed plaque of rare hardwood obtained from the secret depths of the Black Forest.

The many candidates were well-deserved of nomination but it was Doug Raymond’s long suffering R1150RT a.k.a. “Prances with Wolves” that was the overwhelming victor.  Doug, who was presumably hanging out at some tango parlor last night was not present so the award was accepted on Doug’s behalf by Birthday Boy, HTML DELAYED, Leather Dick Bregstein.  Dick, upon receiving the weighty plaque said he hadn’t held anything that heavy since holding Jack Riepe’s lunch plate at the Himalayan all-you-can-eat buffet.

Congratulations to Doug Raymond (wherever you are) and hoping that the legendary Prances with Wolves will soon be back on the road, ready for more storied adventure and abuse.

Thanks to Bruce for beating his rear shock to a pulp thereby inspiring and creating what I am sure will become another fine, fun-filled Mac-Pac tradition.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Bruce

Mac-Pac Abused Equipment Award

Photo courtesy of Jim Sterling