Electrical Diagrams

These electrical schematics are Doug Raymond’s conversion of BMW and Haynes diagrams into a ladder logic format, which you may find more convenient for troubleshooting. The 12V power and rider inputs are at the left and the output devices are on the right.

Comments or corrections are welcome, via email to Doug.

Electrical Schematic Version Date Notes


3.1 1/28/2013 For model years 2001-2003
Changes in this version:
- Added wire color symbols
- Clarified headlight circuit for USA and Europe
- Corrected Park position contact in Key Switch

Dual Plug

1.1 2/9/2013 For model years 2003-2006


2.0 2/11/2013 Changes in this version:
- Added wire colors
- Corrected Key Switch
- Corrected UK Headlight Switch