2006 MOA Rally

We are in the “Valley” or notch behind the little hill on the grounds and we are across from the hanging Rubber Chicken.

Bio-hazard tape on both sides of the road.

We are on the Banner side.

We have FOOD. Lots of food that needs to be consumed. Cost will contributions to keep it on ice.

Weather is GOOD here. Cool nights, warm and dry days.

WAY Nice. As I write this there is not a cloud in the sky.

This is being send from the compound.

Linda were she thought we were going to be. We moved.

Choking chicken across from us

Rick quickly abscounds with a golf cart.

Rick carting Linda around.

I will stay at the lake instead. It is beautiful here. The photo is from my cell phone camera at 5:45 this AM while I was fishing…

Text by Tom Cutter, photos by Dick Bregstein