The Mac-Pac Eating and Wrenching Society is primarily a BMW Motorcycle Club that covers the South East Pennsylvania region around the Philadelphia area.  However we welcome and encourage riders of all marquis to join.  We are a BMW MOA (#289) and BMW RA (#314) Chartered Club.  We eschew the formalities of a central leadership function and avoid large group rides.

We are committed to promoting advanced riding techniques, motorcycle safety, restoration, and mechanical discourse, the club supports a casual social agenda (monthly breakfast and dinner meetings), in addition to occasional technical sessions or more structured classes.

A brief description of the Mac-Pac by Tom Cutter.

OK, I’ll take a three-minute stab at describing the allure of the Mac-Pac. There are really no words, at least available to me.
We all met by a common interest in BMW motorcycles and many of us actually ride motorcycles a lot. But as far as I know, none of the Mac-Pac could be described as “motorcycle-obsessed,” which is a whole different thing where the obsessee (I made that term up, Jill…) starts to think that his/her motorcycle somehow defines who they are as people.

We’re people. Our motorcycles are things that wait in the garage or out on the sidewalk (forlornly) until we are of a mind for a jaunt, to the corner store or to Patagonia for a brunch. For the most part, we don’t walk around in all-BMW garb, because it just ain’t our style to be look-alike “individualistic rebels.”

We gather just often enough to poke great fun at each other. It helps keep our egos in check. We gather more often to help one another with the mundane chores of life (moving, disposing of lots of BBQ ribs, beer conversion, etc.) than for group rides, which almost all of us abhor.


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