Mac-Pac gathers regularly to feed.  Here are some of the ‘regular’ gatherings

Third Sunday Breakfast
There’s a regular monthly breakfast meeting the third Sunday of every month at the Pottstown Family Diner, just off Rt 100 in Pottstown.  We gather in the atrium room on the east side of the restaurant, usually from 8 to 10 am.  You could park on the south side (West King Street side) or on the east side overlooking the motel.  You’ll be able to see the bikes in either location from where we sit.

If you’re going north on Rte 100 from Rte 422, stay in the right hand lane and go slowly through the first traffic light (West King Street) then exit at that little ramp just past the intersection.  From there you’re straight into the Diner’s lot.  Otherwise roll on up to the next intersection (Shoemaker Road) and come back around.

If you going south on Rte 100 stay to the left as you approach the traffic light (Shoemaker Road) where you can see the Wendy’s, Comfort Inn and Red Lobster on the right and Amoco, McDonalds and PepBoys on the left.  Take that left turn and follow Shoemaker road past PepBoys, then down to the Diner on the left.

On MapQuest search on “180 West King St, Pottstown, PA” for the location.  That’s not the address but “180” puts the red star where the Diner is (no, I don’t know how MapQuest works and this might not work on your computer).

For those with the right toys the coords are N40 14.933 and W075 39.632.
For some pictures (including the sign in front) look at George Wright’s page.

Second Tuesday dinner
Normally this monthly event is at 6:30 PM the Brickside Grille in Eagleview Corporate Center but the location is not considered permanent for several reasons.  Even the date is flexible if required by a rally or a holiday. Tune in to the list for the latest news.

White Elephant Gift Exchange (WEGE) Extravaganza and Blue Toad Dinner

WEGE is the Engineers version of Polyanna.  Why Engineer’s?  Because it take and Engineer to complicate boiling water.  There are rule.  Additional rules imposed on the original rules.  Then, there is the Empress (SWMBO).  The Empress may change the rules at any time during the game if it is taking too long, if someone is behaving badly, or if she feels like it.  Said rules are:

  • Bring ONE WRAPPED GIFT (any OPAQUE wrapping is acceptable)
  • Generally speaking the gift should be something that someone may WANT to
    steal (although it is not a requirement) BUT NOT EXPENSIVE EITHER
  • Gift should be MOTO related
  • Gift can be new or used
  • Gift SHOULD be WRAPPED (did I mention that already?)
  • Gift should NOT have a “from” name. (all are ANONYMOUSLY submitted)
  • Everyone that brings a gift will get a NUMBER
  • Numbers will be pulled randomly
  • When your number is pulled you choose a wrapped gift and open it for
    everyone to ogle OR you may steal a previously opened gift.  (only the
    first person does not get to steal since nothing is opened yet)
  • Gifts cannot be stolen more than three times. (the game just gets too

Blue Toad is the door prize and donations are unwrapped and optional.

  • Blue toad gifts do not need to be wrapped.. they can be wrapped if it is something so heinous that it will never be given away
  • Everyone gets a number for the door prizes (blue toads) even if you don’t bring a blue toad donation

Photos from the 14th White Elephant Exchange Extravaganza and Blue Toad Dinner. Photos from the previous 13 were banned from the internet 😮

The Brass Ring
Some of the more Northern members have breakfast at the Brass Ring on Sunday mornings.

The Brass Ring is in West Amwell, NJ at the intersection of SR 31 and CR 518. Route 518 is also the Lambertville-Hopewell Turnpike