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WEGE 2009

If you weren’t there, you missed a good one. Digital cameras were in abundance and there is extensive documentation.

We were blessed with the presence of a BMW MOA Poo Bah (No NOT Gerry Cavanaugh the POC) who presented Tom Cutter with the “Friend of the
Marque” award. This is a REAL exclusive group of awarees. I think there have only been four of them presented to those in the US. We are LUCKY to have one of them be “one of us”.

Muriel Farrington, Secretary of the BMW MOA came down from VT to do the honors. As usual we spread out the honor of working on this gig. I picked her up at the Airport and gave her the scenic tour from PHL to Lionville. Jane and Dick are playing overnight hosts. Jack is returning her to PHL EARLY in the morning. We had a FNG and he was welcomed. Gary Christman can tell us if he has gotten over the shock. The goat was there in various versions. “Motoman Bobby” was recognized. The Empress and her consort were recognized. Ken Bruce was thanked for all he does for dinners. Various and sundry others were recognized as necessary.

As Tom noted, we over did the “two bags of stuff” for the Uninsured Health Clinic. We who have so much, “pitch in” for those that do not. It is a pleasure to be a member of this group. With no titles, an idea is tossed out, picked up and run with. Stuff simply gets DONE.

Even the Brickside waitstaff likes us. We had Hope who we had not seen for years, and she told the others how it would go. We do stuff that NO OTHER GROUP DOES. We don’t all show up at the same time. We don’t all get the same thing. We move around. We get seperate checks. We don’t order on a “per table basis”. If someone has moved, they are asked for, and that person is pointed out. The FNG waitstaff was smiling as the night went on. :):)

With all that it “works” and the wait staff likes us due to good attitude.

Now if there was just more of that around.

Merry Christmas to all. Lets make 2010 better than 2009!!!